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We help keep your workload manageable by offering affordable design work when you need it done, and done right. Big-money companies can dedicate departments and people for their logo branding, business stationery, forms, brochures, and email advertisements. Now you have OddHour Creative Studios to produce the same quality materials without paying for overhead.

OddHour Creative offers fair prices for quality graphic design services such as business cards, print design & layout, brochures, artwork, and more. We're used to putting on different hats around here. Just look! So don't get bogged down or let that client get away because your people are swamped. Even if you just need an infusion of new design ideas and approaches, contact us today.

  • Custom Logos

    We create exceptional production-ready logos. Business branding, sports team logos, or seasonal event logos are all part of our Graphic Design Services. We offer up to 12 preliminary designs and digitizing for embroidery is also available.

  • Business Cards

    A steady stream of business card orders is a good thing, and being able to offer excellent graphic designs on these seemingly simple items can be a sign to your customers of the great work you’ll do on their bigger jobs.

  • Brochures and Postcards

    Being a one-stop shop is a bonus. You let your customers know they can count on you when you provide them with the custom-designed brochures they need. With multiple brochure types offered, our creative designs and layouts are sure to be noticed.

  • Advertising Design

    Tell your people, “Size does not matter!” There is ALWAYS an opportunity to be creative with your advertisement, and no excuse for not doing so. Whether you publish print or web (static or animated banners), OddHour Creative Studios knows it’s worth the extra attention and effort.

  • Magazine Page Layouts & Pagination

    Staying at work to paginate and compose pages till 3 in the morning? We’ve been there and done that—it’s part of the territory—but when everything hits at once, an extra set of hands is a major relief. You don’t have to wait till the eleventh hour to contact us for your page layout and pagination needs, though; we’re here to help prevent any deadline crunches.

  • Custom Illustration

    Can’t find what you need in that thick book of clip art? Need someone to quickly create a custom illustration? We illustrate everything! Whether it’s themed art, graphs and charts, maps, science diagrams, technical machinery, architecture, character designs, storyboards, comics, or more, we’re fast and accurate. Simple approval processes—flat rates—great art. See more at

  • Custom T-Shirt Designs

    We don’t just provide T-shirt designs, we provide camera-ready T-shirt designs—there’s a difference. We recognize screen-printing practices and will make every effort to create efficient and versatile T-shirt designs to save you time and money.

  • Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

    The right car wrap design will excite a customer and create that priceless word-of-mouth advertising for your business. We offer high-quality, vinyl graphic designs that will help you stand out in the vehicle wrap arena.

  • Email Template Designs

    When your emails are well designed, subscribers to your mailing lists will open your e-blasts for the interesting artwork and stay for the promotion. Our email marketing services and designs will stay consistent with your web and printed material campaigns, keeping your company looking sharp and professional.